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    Baby care

    With the birth of each child mothers have many questions on the care of the newborn by month. And rightly so! After all, the child's health from the conception up to the age of reason is completely dependent on their parents. Being in your tummy, the child was under heavy guard placenta, which protects it from viruses and infections.

    Baby care

    Hygienic care of the newborn child - this is where should now start your day. After the first few months your baby will be an intense period of adaptation to the environment, and daily hygiene to help the child overcome his painful.

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Ekuan do not feel

Sometimes many men work at the same time, and sometimes all have a mood not, but only at several.Thus all are absolutely happy guests are fed by a family owning future house.Some days members of this family regularly went shooting to reserve meat for workers.It is interesting to note that in days of celebrations when all go a little tipsy, and on parties where all also drink, and men get drunk very strongly, there is no also an aggression trace.Ekuan do not feel any requirement to condemn each other and easily accept individual distinctions.It, probably, also is a consequence of full value of their persons.

And if, suppose, group

Now it is difficult to us to present, as such can be, but it is .Work with the conflicts in groupand.And if, suppose, group joined the guy with problems in behavior, and it solves the difficulties and troubles force.How the group can affect itm Appoint him the instructor.After all he wishes to become the instructor – only by means of force.Involve it also make the companion that it helped you.Then at it there will be a pride that it is near you, but for this situation to it should be paid that it will cease to show violence.and.It has something in common with psychology and is called sublimation, trulyand.

. . . M. A. V. Psychological's Zaporozhets

Duration about

A positive spirit on when parting.Age of participants since years.Duration about minutes.InstructionIn completion of our collaboration I would like before to lay down exercise which will allow us once again sosredoto be sharpened on that was for us important that sodeystvova to our educational process.Around to each of you prepossibility to tell that to you ponraviis deliveredthe elk in a course as a whole to express gratitude to someone fromfellow students for the help, you can tell us that fromto what you learned, was for you especially important,that you here reached, and, certainly, to share with usof what you most of all are proud, I would like to emphasize,that everyone is free or to express the opinion, or to tellI abstain.

And it recedes, while

Today I will concede not to break, be oneself.My time will come.And it recedes, while adults will not lose to it interest, will cease to bring up it.And when it will occur When the multicolored aura of its feelings when will break as though them will go out and there were no the needles of his thoughts conducting to the purpose moral senses.What remains from moral claims and than he will liveThe antipathy is passive.Antipathy to adults who tried to bring up it correctly.In it already there are no negative feelings, for example, hatred as our moralist learned to bypass them.In it most likely pity to these unfortunate people allocated with the power and confirming at the expense of children.

Kids from the very

Boys at the age from four till seven years learn to share with others and to play in group.Kids from the very beginning of a being social, but really to understand how to play together and together, sons cannot approximately till five years.It is very important, that parents encouraged the child of any age to share that they have, but till five years children still insufficiently socially ripened to share and cooperate with other children, without a soft reminder.Development of the child these years goes very nonuniformly.Before the son will pass to a new stage of age development will start to use the expanded dictionary, will seize new motor skills, will learn to endure more strong feelings, it usually recedes slightly back.

From this monologue

They were such disgusting.Teachers always allocated me among others.because I had few friends.Me all the time drove to the school psychologist.From this monologue and from the subsequent conversations with it to which we after all managed to incline it it became clear that Sara's selfimage seriously suffered.However the situation in the house was only one of the reasons of her shyness.Thick points and ugly orthopedic footwear became other reasons that became clear from Sara's words, which it gait was ridiculous all this forced it to feel uncertainty and an inferiority complex.

That personality

Language treasuries of feelingsComedy and tragedy genres as independent works of art arose in Greece in the VI century BC.Compared with other works of art, the comedy and the tragedy assume, as usual, big independence of the person and collision of people among themselves also, as collision of people with the nature or society.That personality which was allocated as the hero, should seize elements of the human relations, be able to understand internally a productive creative power of the person and the nature.Here this productive creative power in the generalized form also was reflected in comedies and tragedies.

At first

And strange regularity problemsthese grow together with children.Without a respite.And as soon as oneyou will overcome, there is another, and the third, the fourth, the fifth.Ordo not arise, and simply one smoothly flows in another.Orit is transformed to complete antithesis.At first, for example, we solve a problem How to sleep at night, then, years through how many that, And where him her carries at the nights.At first Oh, when will learn to speak, then Ah, keep silent though minute.Here da's this fluidity convertibility of these problems makes, perhaps, almost the main problem for us, parents.

If it behaves

Parent authority of nothing digs from similar complaints.And first of all, the child, seeing that became object of general attention, a certain pleasure in disobedience.If it behaves stubborn, so it to approve in own eyes and in the opinion of others the simost.Therefore, when you extend about it disobedience, you are far from humiliating it, and, on the contrary, do it small advertizing.It is important to think also and that authority not , repeating continually that you demand hearings I will manage to force you.Rome for whom there will be the last word.Itself you will solve to be given.

Anybody did not manage

Let's tell, when training to walking on a rope or that is more familiar, driving on a bicycle.Anybody did not manage it from the first yet.Rebyonokdelayet first attempt, the second, the third.It finds a peculiar key sense of equilibrium, harmonies of movements in the environment of actions.And suddenly everything developed, was.And then it something found we know that is esthetic sense of movements during any instant, remains in memory on all life ability to float, go by a bicycle to go on a rope.

We will consider

The following two s are devoted to this central theme within discussion of a phenomenon of shyness.We will consider some behavioural models of parents which can become the reason of emergence of uncertainty at the child, and also we will tell, how it is necessary to behave to put in the child the strong base of a selfconfidence and the forces which will help it to resist to attacks of agemates and adults behind house walls.WHAT IT TO BE TIMIDWhat does the person of which is considered to be timid feel This question, probably, interests all people, not inclined to consider timid.

We recommend

The bad condition of an education system in America, especially for children from city families with low level of the income, demands, that parents took active part in a choice of form of education for the children and formation of its contents.We recommend to parents to read any of books of teacher John Holt, to consider possibility of house education and to get acquainted with philosophy of Valdorfsky schools.Age of mister of the Impudent person from thirteen to seventeen Teenagers have no problem which would not be aggravated at its discussion with them.

Meaningly to music

At it everything began to turn out at once.She easily repeated musical phrases for the teacher.And they sounded at the girl somehow especially, in own way.And when the girl praised, it began to do it differently.Meaningly to music to add the feelings.The girl showed to the skilled musicmaster and that praised.Carried to the capital, and in conservatory its game was listened by the professor.How many imagination! How many maturity! he admired.The big talent grows!Game on a piano was for the girl an entertainment.

One of us, in the past

Some timid adults admit that they take alcohol to get rid of shyness.One of us, in the past the alcoholic, having told the story, opened for us communication between shyness and alcoholismAlready at teenage age I strongly drank.I started to drink generally beer when to me about fifteen years it was simple because all my acquaintances drank.I paid at once then attention that after two bottles of beer my shyness somewhere disappeared.Sometimes I even had selfconfidence the feeling which is almost unfamiliar.

The reason

The reason sphere the main factor of development of productive strengths of each person and society, progress in science, equipment, art.For achievement of our, dear reader, the purposes that the noosphere contains is important ready solutions of tasks and problems the maintenance of a science; data on a level of development of feelings, possible for the person the content of art; the materialized products of thinkin feelings and imagination in equipment and technology of industrial production.

Now return

On it you have minutes.Now return to the general circle that we could bringfinal result.Summarizing Whether this exercise was pleasant to me On what would be desirable to allocate for me more time AsI can reach it On what I would like to spend less time As I canit to reach What difficulties to me are necessary for overcomin thatto distribute the time according to mine razvitiy and desires What is the time I spend in vain Whether I allow itself to indulge in free time in DOS , or I consider, it is necessary what to be constantly active What would I like to tellWorking leafTime distributionThe following chart represents an interval of time,equal to one week.

If in the opinion

Therefore I always I win.Nothing leads to return result more truly than to tell to the child Tonight I I will tell to the father whom you were bad, that it to you will make.If in the opinion of children the father will look a monster, as you want, that subsequently it could use their trust and loveThe child is a bein to which for full developments it is necessary to stay in the world atmosphere, and rest.As a result of all this it is reached stvo of security which for it is loviy serene condition.Here the fact which is constantly confirmed which almost all difficult children belong to holes where parents do not get on with each other.

Level ™ motivations

Use exercises from the section Selfcontrol and selfchecking development.j.And at last, most important council.Communicating with the impulsive child, keep tranquillity.Remember.that your excitement is transferred to the child.Level ™ motivations Whip or gingerbread It is necessary for each of us to know, for the sake of what we should perform this or that work.The child too needs to understand that actions carried out by it make sense.Insufficiently simply ska for It is necessary to read!.Should explain convincingly why he needs to read to consider, clean after itself and so on.

Life of the boy of the first

the child to whom provide too ample opportunities of a choice, turns into the adult experiencing big difficulties if necessary to make the decision.Life of the boy of the first seven years depends on, whether parents to it will manage to provide space for growth and development, to establish a day regimen and to create certain rituals which will give a distinctive form and reliable constancy to its existence.For the boy it is very important to know that every morning after he will wake up, it will take together with father dos that the clothes will lie near it that he will put on also all members; families will have breakfast together, holding hands and saying thanks for food that it should carry the flat dish for porridge on kitchen as soon as will stop to eat that it at first will clean teeth and will wash up hands, and will play then.

M Yes, and there

They rise in the morning and do not go to school, and all group go to different places, there, where doctors, inworkzhener, working.They should learn life, the world.Let the half ofday will carry out in the bus and will look at passengers is too life which they will absorb in .Teenagers want changesand.To turn unknown into the familiar.m Yes, and there is as much as possible.It is necessary to do it, certainly, not in years and to begin much earlier and a post it is foamy.In the course of such excursions children start to see, for that they study, why it is necessary to understand the world and people, pravilno to build the relations.

To the child

That the child is physically weaker than adults and we depend on them, for does not mean that with it it is possible to address with smaller respect, rather than with the adult.To the child it is not given the instructions which are running counter to his own understanding of how to play, how many is when to sleep etc.But when its help is required, from it expect immediate obedience.Giving type orders Bring waters!, Break branches for a fire!, Submit me that!, Give to the kid banana! the adult starts with a congenital sociality of the child and firm knowledge of that the child wants to be useful and wishes to participate in life of the tribe.Nobody watches, whether the child executed an assignment; nobody doubts his desire to cooperate.

The person

On change to a moral absolutism of the child on sedately more flexible consciousness of the teenager, vospricomesnimayushchy own interests as it is serious, as well asrequirements of others.The person becomes more senior, the pain he aspires to equal partnership in the interpersonalrelations.Therefore teenagers refuse from svoystvenfoot to children of egoism and expectation that instantly and in odnostoearly order only their desires will be met.Teenagers become extremely sensitive to neiskrennost and dishonesty, they constantly recheck, on how many people correspond to that they speak, naskolto real acts follow proclaimed values.

In it there

Therefore now I test some confusion, but I know that I will already never see the matter how earlier.In it there is too much pleasure.I do not say that I am going to go mad or absolutely to be enraged.I simply understood that accepted too many decisions concerning some elements of life earlier, than learned them.Now a lot of things should be overestimated, but I do not hurry to do any precipitate conclusions.Positive spirit The boy be elderly mister of the Impudent person aspires to selfidentification and an individualization.

And then overdose. Death. But more

Think of the invitation

The right moment comes when you do not feel tension and clearly see that you involved the person as the potential friend.When you are already ready to invite her to appointment, choose something special concert, performance, cinema, party.If you can freely invite the girl to a coffee cup, can try to invite her for all day or for the evening.Think of the invitation in advance that at it it was not created impressions as if her invited at the last minute.One week prior to a dinner or a campaign at cinema, in two weeks prior to an important event, for example, a graduation party or a concert.

The quantity

If the specified work was not carried out, it as shows experiment,and at repeated reading says them on syllables.The quantity of cards with difficult words can be a miscellaneous depending on volume and complexity of the offered text.Even if there is a lot of difficult words and more, do not despair.Do not pass any problem word.Gradually their quantity will decrease, and your child will read everything quicker and more correctly.WE WORK OVER ELIMINATION OF REGRESSIONS Extremely widespread reason of the sloweddown reading that experts I call regression, simply speaking the returnable movement i already read.

Thought special, figurative. The third

Three mothers

Suddenly one , having gathered in sand palms, threw it in mother.Day of others immediately supported such interesting initiative.Three mothers of a mansion told it is impossible!.Kids did not react in any way sand flied, children joyfully squealed.Then jumped up mothers all three at the same time.The first mother told strictly Badly, it is impossible! also selected at the child .And a bit later added Let's go on a swin look, what they beautiful as it is good to shake there! The second, as a radish from a bed, pulled out the kid from a sandbox and incurred on the next shop to understand.Sit and think, whether it is possible to rush sand to eyes she told.

At the age from

In seven years subconsciousness of the child should be involved in the field of to a measure with all the avtomatizm ky, intellectual and moral; differently, game should be made and made well.At the age from three till seven years formation matizm proceeds in other form speech any more about volume to bring to reason the child tutors nevertheless not trainers of wild animals but to awaken in it feeling of obedience by means of training.It the foremost effort should lead to the following to obey, that the child knew that in life inevitable need to do, because so it is necessary.

Over each

AND I AT AND Before you seven columns.Over each of columns the letter is written down.It designates the vowel sound standing between concordants in those words which I will begin you to read.Write down them under my dictation those words where there is a vowel And in a column with And; in what are a vowel I in a column with I, and so on.RUMPLED, , WASHED, SOWIN THE LION, THE ROAR, THE SON, HONEY, A ROW, LANGUIDLY, THE WHALE, HOWLED, THE BOARD, ICE, FOXES, IS SMALL, SWEPT, CONDUCTED, GAVE, HOWLED.Now find words which differ only vowels.And than consonants differ in these words You see, some columns appeared shorter than others in them words do not suffice.

It is possible

It is necessary to involve in these otnosheto niya socalled third party.That is not to allow direct conversation and discussion of each other, and together obsuzhto give any third, invented image.It is possible even nariso contours of any girl, say, years of fifteen, and about it what her desires, tendencies, properties, thoughtsand.Well, begin with how it looks and in what it is dressed.m Well, let so.But further that she writes in the diary of what dreams that speaks and thinks, sovpawhether gives her behavior to that she thinks, etc.and.It is delightful!m Let's work with this image let's call it the madam of the Xth also we will try to understand.


Expediently with actions of the child by words Vodichka, a vodichka, wash to doll face.PUT THE DOLL TO BED The child is offered to lay in a bed a doll in the red dress, then doll in a dark blue dress, singing a lullaby Aand, , andand, , dolls all fell asleep.TAKE FOR A DRIVE THE NESTED DOLL The adult asks the child to take for a drive on the machine at first that nested doll which costs below on a short flight of stairs, then another, which costs above.Actions of the child can be accompanied words Forwardback.

Game description. The child

I often feel

and.The group usually perceives such podrostas inclined to violence.I often feel that if the group treated it in a different way, would give it another on rucheniye …m Talk to group that they became suddenly to address to it as to the instructor, would consult on it.And he will start to go mad that instead of being afraid its forces, approach to it and speak with it absolutely about others veRussian cabbage soup.For it it will be a bolt from the blue.It deduces the person from itself because he does not understand that occurs.

We only

and.Yes it also is impossible.and.Ulyanov But how to overcome natural closeness female naturem If to operate thus as I speak, that is not present need something to overcome.We only toTeenagers want changesbavlyay public aspect to natural internal the deputy knutost of the woman.Participating in work of the organization and communicating with others, the girl feels that gets something for itself.and.Ulyanov For this purpose we should organize the special actions, conversations How it will occurm It simply question of education which is not going counter with the female nature.

It important, and game

If there is no inform tsiya, always it is possible to ask.That do we want to achieve That everyone could include a condition of another.It important, and game opens the person.and.If the girl can feel others, it is in bigger harmony with itselfm No, simply she will understand, as other people pe similar feelings.Therefore it is possible to forgive, understand, to talk, and everyone will understand another, because everyone will feel in itself the whole world.As it is told the person – mathe lenky world, – in it is all .Roleplaying games in group of girlsand selfrealization questionand.

The sense of this

Then discuss together with the child how it is possible to change these installations and to turn them into more rational which would promote strengthening of emotional wellbeing of the child.The sense of this exercise consists in that the child from reserved, limited and coming true became all the time courageous, flexible and open for new people and ideas.Remember a difference between education of the Israeli and Japanese children While in Israel children learn to receive a pleasure maximum from life, in Japan the main thing considered ability to avoid failures and all shameful situations.

If the wattle

Some discussion here takes place, and the son himself happens is interested in contract observance.If the wattle fence is used, the son does not bear full responsibility for established order observance.Duty of parents to remind it if necessary, differently it will jump through the established wattle fence again and again.Though the child also is glad to make everything as it is required, but he is able to operate itselfhimself more not enough.Therefore needs external motivation from parents not to break the established rules.Therefore, such restrictions demand bigger attention from parents and sometimes need a reinforcement at the expense of possible consequences punishments.

M This danger

and.Truly.Danger can arise and about hundred Rhone of the nature when skills of a survival be required, and on city streets.m This danger real.and.You recommend to carry out what occupations with children to help them to gain necessary experienceand.I thought of an orientation question.Many parents are disturbed by a question, to how yearold child it is possible to allow to go independently in transport, where and as.It is possible to give to girls such task, for example to leave them in any place that they managed to get home.

We vidy it on an example

This general law, the general force operating all realnost – and that we know, and what we do not know, is love law, connection law.Otherwise the world would not operate, would not have the right to existence.Than more we study the nature, that clearer we see that solidarity, the accounting of interests others and communication are laws of its existence.We vidy it on an example of our development.If earlier we time , aspiring to disclosure of personal identity everyone and to observance of own benefit, now stalkiwe are howled with other problem which to us is put by the nature.

For a back

We up lift handles, Handles on knees we lower, Lyulilyuli, we lower, Lyulilyuli, we lower.For a back we will hide handles, Handles we to mother the father, the aunt will show, Lyulilyuli, we will show, Lyulilyuli, we will show.We will show legs to mother, Our legs cheerfully danced, Lyulilyuli, danced, Lyulilyuli, danced.Occupation GAME WITH the DOLL Purpose to learn the child to carry out movements with a doll in sootvetstviya with words on display of the adult.Game description.

Until then

Until then while they will not learn to do it, children are similar to small lecturers who with such ecstasy are started up in development of the set subject that do not pay the slightest attention that people around speak.Maria should learn to stop so the girlfriend carried away by the ranting that that not only became silent, but also began to listen attentively to her wordsThe first that to the child would be desirable to tell in such casesBecome silent and listen to me!! However Maria learned to tell other words instead Fine, and you know that occurred with , Excuse.


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